Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Copyright & Permission

I have enclosed the letter asking permission to the parents of whose two children we will be filming in our coursework. This letter includes the signatures of the parents to allow their children to be filmed.

We also chose a soundtrack from a non-copyright music website and edited it which we were able to do and use because no one has the rights to it. We chose the soundtrack by selecting from a selction of subheadings containing different genres. We chose the one that stated 'TV Themes' because we thought that it applied to our coursework idea the most. From process of elimination through 4 potential soundtracks we then chose this one. We chose this one bover the others because we belived that the high tempo and rushed atmosphere made it stand out from the rest and also would be suitable for our target audience as it would allow us to create alot of fast cut editing to help create the fun, jumpy, happy atmophere we plan to create in our coursework and to also help keep the viewer interested.

Top Left Soundtrack - To Listen Click Preview

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  1. where are the letters?

    How did you choose the music? What criteria/research did you use to help you make this choice?