Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shot Log

By using my research and planning into existing children's TV dramas I was able to come up with a list of shots I will use throughout my coursework in both my main peice and my print production tasks.

I noticed that when researching into the magazine of Doctor Who and Tracy Beaker I found that the shots taken of the main characters were mid shots and larger than any other image on the page to connote importance and to show to the reader who is the main character. For my print production task I will be using two-shot of both the main characters to make the viewer know they are the main characters.

I will be using a stock motion animation by using still images of one of the characters running with a football and then by switching to a point of view shot of the character behind the ball and zooming as it goes into the net.

I will also be shooting using various still long shot images in my establishing shot of the two characters throwing a pile of leaves into the air to connote freedom and the space they have in their new home and creating a sense of happiness.

I will be shooting both characters in a low angle shot in a jacuzi outside with a large amount of bubbles used to connote fun and create a happy atmosphere. I will use this shot to make them look much larger and again connote happiness and make the viewer feel the happiness the character's are.

The next shoot will be taken on a trampoline where a low angle shot once again will be used to connote power and to create a dominant atmosphere where they feel on top of the world in their new amazing home.

We chose to use stock motion animation within our coursework as we think it is very effective when used in Tracy Beaker's opening title sequence when viewing it within our reserach and planning into existing children's TV dramas. We also think that the upbeat, 'jumpy' soundtrack we have chosen for our coursework will benfit from fast editing and by using stock motion animation there will always be something going on to keep the viewer interested.

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