Monday, 2 November 2009

Research Into Exisiting Children's TV Dramas - Tracey Beaker Inspiration

To help us to get an idea of what children should expect from our tv drama we researched into what makes up an exisitng children's drama.

We firstly researched into the children's TV drama Tracey Beaker which influenced our decision making within our coursework alot. We found that aspects of the opening sequence of this drama contained alot of our existing ideas but adapted to that particular show in a different way. For example we aimed to use a mixture of cartoon animation and real life video footage together throughout the opening sequence to create a sense of realism but still adventurous to attract or keep the attention of the children watching.

Below I have inserted the opening sequence to the children's drama which we have used alot fas a base of our inspiration for our own projects. We have recognised that the aspect of movement plays a big part in keeping the audience interested. They use alot of montage editing, colour themes and camera angles to keep each frame busy and colourful so ultimately the viewer does not loose interest. We thought this was very important and therefore we would be trying to acheive this within our own opening sequence but in a way that is unique to our project. We will achieve this by using the cartoon montages around the real life opening sequence to be related to the surroundings, for exmple if being filmed playing football then small cartoon footballs will be montage edited into each frame.

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