Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Auteur Theory

"Autheurism" is the method of analyzing films based on this theory or, alternately, the characterstics of a director's work that makes him an Auteur".

The Auteur theory focusses on an individual's stylistic features, how texts are determined by an artists' creativity and how texts emerge as part of an artists body of work.

Since starting Media Studies I believe that within my work I have developed an original style. I consider all of my work as products of my individual creativity.

I think that my work has developed gfrom AS to A2 in some ways but there is also a personal individual style which has influenced my work through out all of the work I have completed.

I think that the way in which I use and develop my ideas for a project have developed because I have become able to take an idea but also add to it and experiment with it more to improve it. I did this when thinking up the typical stereotype of a boy who would read my hip hop/grime magazine I was creating. After coming up with various ideas I used a block of flats to represent the nature of the magazine after researching into other similar ones would be for a young boy, troubled and from quite a poor family. I then developed my idea of using the flats as a "rough" looking image and improved it by adding darkened effects and shaddows to portray a dark and gloomy look maybe like the life of someone who had to live there. I think this was a good way of following generic conventions specifically for my magazine.

The way in which my work has also developed in every piece of work completed so far is in the way in which I have been influenced by researching into my target audience for the project. I have been able to research into the target auience in much more depth and therefore relating my work to my target auience much easier. I feel each piece of work I have been more and more specific with my target audince and representing that within my project it has enabled me to realise the different styles and originality that need to be used depending on the audience I am targeting.

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