Saturday, 17 October 2009

Organisation of locations, costumes and props

We came up with a list of possible locations which would be suitable for our coursework idea. These were both of our own houses and a local childrens nursery. We realised that the legislation we needed to complete was all too unecessary bother for some filming so we narrowed the search down to the two houses. We agreed on using my house as we wanted to create a happy and fun atmosphere within our coursework and after weying up possible shots in both houses we decided mine had more potentially effective shots. This is because of the space we have to work in, the props that are easily available to us and there is no travelling around inviolved so no problems would occur in the transportation of equiptment or communication.

In the map below using a screen grab from I have outline the boundaries of my own home which is outlined in a black line to show the area we will be using for filming. I have also used the screen grab to show using a red outline the boundaries of the home of the two boys we will be using within our filming in our coursework.

We then chose our actors to be two of my close neighbours, Ashley aged 15 and Dominic aged 13. We decided they would be suitable as they both look quite young and would appeal to our target audience. It was also very convenient as they live so close to the location of the shoot so communicatioon would not be a problem here.

Ashley Jones Aged 15

Dmonic Jones Aged 13

We then came up with a list of shots which is enclosed in a seperate blog

We then decided on props that will need to be used to create the effect we wished for. We therefore came up with this list of props that will be used within shots to help create the right effect and atmosphere we hope for.

Pool Table and Cue
Bar Football Table
Plasma TV
Jacuzi - located outside so depending on weather conditions ont he day of the shoot
Darts Board and set of darts

We then came to the conclusion that in order to create a happy and fun atmosphere they should be dressed in casual everyday clothing and no particular costumes will be needed to ensure the opening sequence is not over glamourfied and that it applies to the lifes of children today.

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