Friday, 9 October 2009


Our working title for our children’s TV drama opening sequence is ‘Park Acre’. We have chosen this name so far because this is the name of the house which will be used as the location of the shooting of the opening sequence.
The concept of it will be a happy atmosphere and almost dream like in the view of two adopted children.
We chose to create an opening like this because after much research into popular children’s TV dramas we came to the conclusion that the majority involved a happy and ‘feel good’ atmosphere which children would enjoy.
We hope to be able to compete with shows like ‘Tracy Beaker’ and ‘My Parent’s Are Aliens’ as we will aiming to follow the same sort of plot and atmosphere both use and achieve.
We will aim our children’s TV drama at children from the ages of 5-12 as we will play the programme on children’s TV at peak times before and after the academic primary school day. Therefore we will be targeting the middle class family where the parents have graduated and are quite high in the social Jincar’s scale around C1 and C2 as we hope for the programme to teach children life skills at the same time as being fun to watch. One way we will try and achieve this is by discreetly inserting social and life skills to learn from and set an example to what people should behave like within the TV drama. We will also include a mixture of animation and real life shots to keep the fun factor alive.
What's Different?
We wanted to be slightly different than the dramas we researched into by taking it one step along the time line where kids had been in a dream home and happy where as ‘Tracy Beaker’ wants out of the home she is in with her temporary foster mum and the kids in ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ want out because their parent’s are ‘bonkers’.
Technology & Equiptment
We will be using a lot of new technology to create the perfect opening we aim to make. We will be using video cameras to record short clips or the two boys very happy doing activities people in a children’s wouldn’t ever dream about doing in their lifetime like splashing in a Jacuzzi and playing on a proper football pitch. We will also be using a programme to create our opening sequence soundtrack called ‘Cubase’ which is currently being developed. We will be shooting one shot in a dark room with disco lights and smoke machines which will need extra lighting to catch the characters perfectly so we shall be using professional lighting to create this effect.
Who's Doing What?
I will be filming the sequences while Rich directs the characters to the right places and we shall both be developing and putting the sequence together and sharing ideas for improvements throughout the process.
We don’t have a schedule yet for filming but we estimate it will take a whole day to complete filming but contacting the characters we will be using won’t be hard as they live next door to me.
Possible Problems
We don’t expect any problems as such yet but time will show if we do run into any or not.
We do not predict and financial costs either only a bottle of ‘Fairy Liquid’ to fill the Jacuzzi with bubbles to create an even more exciting and happy atmosphere.

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