Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Time Schedule Of Production

We have come up with a time scale which we think is appropriiate for our coursework after taking into consideration and estimating the time taken to complete each task.

28th September - 5th October the first part of our coursework and first deadline we have to meet is the creation of our pitch for our coursework idea and our treatment. This was scheduled by the teacher to commence on the 28th of September and to be completed on the 5th of October. We will manage our time effectively by making sure the pitch will be completed before the day of our presentation to ensure we had enough time to deal with any potential problems in the uploading stage to

19th October - 2nd Novemeber is the reserach and planning part of the coursework which is a detailled part of the coursework which we split up into two parts being the resarch part first over the half term period and then from then on until the deadline the planning part and encorporating our findings into usefull information that will influence our choices and inspiration within our coursework idea.

31st October - 2nd November - We will use these last two days before the deadline to organise our blogs and make the presentation of the highest possible standard. This will also give us the chance to made sure nothing is missing and proof read the whole research and planning part of our coursework and add in any last minute alternations.

2nd November - 29th November - We have this time allocated for our filming and photography for both our print production tasks and our main coursework task. This time span is a total of 4 weeks which we have split up into 2 parts for completing both tasks on time. The first week of time for our print production task will be taken up by the initial photography of the images which will be used in the print production tasks. The second week has been allocated for the editing of the images we have photogrpahed that will be used in our print production tasks, this will be done using Adobe Photoshop.

The second two weeks of the four weeks allocated for the photography and filming part of our production task will be used up by the first two weeks for filming and the second two weeks enabling us to upload the footage and decide whether it can be recaputred in any other way to improve it. This time is also for making sure we have no problems with the uploading process and it is saved the the D: drive of our PC to ensure its presence throughout the editing stage.

30th November - 15th December - This time period is going to be used for Print and Main Coursework production. This is where we take all of the filming and photogrpahy we have shot and use it to create our coursework production tasks. Firsly, we will use the footage captured in the filming process to get it all oragnised in the first lesson into Adobe Premier Pro to make sure we can identify each clip easily. From then on all editing will start up until Monday 15th December so we have the last 2 days for proof watching our prodcutions work which therefore enables us to have spare time for any changes needed to be made to our coursework.

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