Friday, 2 October 2009

Pitch Comments

During our pitches the audience were given sheets in which to make comments on a series of questions given related to our pitch..

After the pitch we were given these anonymous comments back to use to help develop and improve our ideas for our coursework.

We received many good comments on our ideas but here are a few of the ideas given to us on how to improve and our response to them.

We were asked by someone if we had permission by the parents of the two children in which we will be using in our children's TV drama opening sequence. We forgot to add this within our pitch and therefore have enclosed the letter given to and signed by the parent's of the two boys allowing us permission for them to be filmed.

Someone also commented on that researching for a soundtrack for our opening sequence may be time consuming if we cannot find something suitable. We have already considered this and said if we cannot find one before we start filming then we shall make one ourselves using a programme called 'Cubase'. However we recently found a great site with a vast number of non copyright music split into sub genres. There are one or two songs on here that we think could be used for our title sequence. We will still play around on cubase and keep our eyes open to any sites hosting non copyright music to give ourselves the best opportunity to finding the right music.

We received a comment about the achievability of the animation idea. We realise its not going to be easy however we have the right software and the right help to make it easily achievable. It will take a fair amount of time and effort however we are willing to put in the effort as we think it will look great.

We had a question in our feedback asking if we knew how to edit footage and the title sequence cartoon effect. We have already created a mock idea using a house, this is in the blog and on youtube already

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