Monday, 19 October 2009

Font Research

I have research into various fonts in which I think would be appropriate in attracting my target audience in my media product. I am looking to create a very messy, jumbled up atmosphere on the magazine cover and DVD cover to help interact with my audience more effectively. I think that the following styles will be contenders for the appropriate style I am trying to achieve which is a child like, messy and random style.

By analysing the fonts i researched into allowed me to come to the conclusion that the 'ICE AGE' font would be best suited for my target audience.

I think that the bold, rough edged font would be suitable because it almost looked like one of my target audience members had drawn it and it would create a comfortable atmosphere for the target audience as they would be used to writing like this at the age group I am targeting.

I will also be able to use this font to make a unique logo for my media product which will brand my product.

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